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Natural GasComposed majorly of methane and other gas elements, Natural gas is formed deep underground and are removed by means of drilling rigs. After the removal of impurities like carbon dioxide and water from it, the same is sold in the market for cooking, heating and generating electricity. The natural gas also finds its role in manufacturing plastics, chemicals and for powering vehicles.

We have been in the business of trading natural gas for more than 15 years and have been partnering with multiple suppliers, storage operators and pipeline companies across the globe. We have been working across the continents of Asia, Europe and America in the production of both LNG and pipeline products.

Delivering significant amount of natural gas every year to 11 countries in the European continent, JB Commodity also sources and trades gas in Canada. It is also an active trader of LNG in US occupied Gulf with a global sales contract worth 683TWh for the year 2015.