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lpgA by-product from the refineries during the production of crude oil or during the natural gas production, this is mostly a combination of butane or propane or a combination of both in varying ratios. While these are mostly transported in vessels under calculated pressure, they are also shipped through various pipelines wherever possible, like in the United States. They are also transported through Very Large Gas Carriers (VLGC’s) which are refrigerated to keep the gas under control. Apart from being an integral part of the domestic cooking and heating purposes, the LPG is also used in petrochemical processes. There are also locations which make use of LPG as fuel for cars.

The trading in LPG was started in 1977 by JB Commodity and it commenced with the refining industry in Europe which was served through their fleet of pressurized vessels. Even now, they have a 17 number fleet which is used to serve the markets in Brazil and Black Sea. The fleet does not just serve for their own but it is also sub let to various state owned companies and also to international companies producing oil and LPG.

JB Commodity started with the Lagos LPG terminal, the NavGas in the year 2010-11.  A partnership with NIDOGAS, enabled them to build two spheres of capacity 4000 tonnes, pressurized ones at that, which can ensure there is no demand unanswered in the local market. With the best safety and modern equipments in employ, we are here to serve the business for a longer period.

The teams are located in various places like Geneva, Singapore, London and Houston to ensure a worldwide coverage.