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Used for heat and electricity, coal is predominantly a carbon constituting rock and is used to meet more than 1/3rd of the energy demands in the world. It is also estimated to meet nearly 2/5th of the world’s electricity supply. The derivative of coal, Coke is often used in the manufacturing of steel for the process of smelting the iron ore.

It was in 2006, when JB Commodity started trading in coal, in both anthracite and steam forms. The trading happened out of the centres at Houston, London, Geneva and Singapore. The company owns and partners with mines in various parts of the world in Canada, Russia, South Africa, United States and Indonesia and in every part of the world where the coal is mined.

JB Commodity investment spreads across the various aspects of the industry from production to infrastructure to logistics to the supply chain management. They supply across European and Asia pacific regions. Their investments include the Mozambique’s Maputo terminal which provides the capacity for export in South Africa and Hillsborough in British Columbia which helps serving the cement industry locally.